If you’re a woman interested in strength training, you’re in the right place.

Women’s Barbell Club is the newsletter where women in strength are celebrated, the science of female physiology and fitness gets explained, and harmful mindsets that hold women back are torn down.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s never adjusted a squat rack or an elite-level powerlifter, Strong(wo)man, or CrossFit athlete, this newsletter is for you.

Every month, we’ll cover …

  • A lift (or bodyweight movement) that may be new to you or a staple part of your routine.

And we’ll publish an article in one of these sections:

  • Deconstruct is where we examine and dissect the mindsets and ideas that hold women back, including the ever-changing “ideal” body, the fear of getting “bulky”, the number on the scale, and what other people think.

  • Flex is where we profile women whose lives have been transformed by strength training — or whose work is helping more women train better.

  • Dive is where we go deep into different training methodologies, critique pop culture’s portrayal of physically strong women, and explore the developing science of female physiology and exercise.

Along the way, we’ll shamelessly celebrate the as-yet-untapped potential of female strength and explore our own abilities with curiosity and kindness.

About the Author

Meredith Sell is a full-time freelance writer and editor who writes about health, fitness, and strength sports. She dabbles in CrossFit, strength training, and (more recently) calisthenics, and for the last few years has been digging into the history of women’s sports and western conceptions of femininity.

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A newsletter about women in strength sports and the emerging science of female physiology and fitness, with a dash of cultural criticism.


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